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The Music of the Synapses

this tightrope made of sound

October 29th, 2012

[sticky post] How to help - SIGNAL BOOST THIS POST! @ 05:18 pm

Okay, guys. Several of you contacted me suggesting a signal boost. THIS IS THE POST TO SIGNAL BOOST. Feel free to pass it around far and wide.

Please don't use my real name in connection with it publicly: I've discussed my mental health problems openly in this journal. I really wish we lived in a society where that wouldn't be massively stigmatizing, but meanwhile, I've got to keep my expectations realistic for the one we've got... And I'd like to be open and honest somewhere, and for now, LJ is the place.

PROBLEM: I'm struggling with depression and trying to get back on my feet financially and emotionally.

GOAL: Any amount helps. Rent, bills, and minimum payments on things that are due now = about $500. I could also use money for food and filling my gas tank would be extremely helpful. Paying off the credit cards I've been using to live on for the last few months would leave me in a much less precarious position: that's roughly $3000.

And for serious, guys, if people want to buy $3000 worth of my art, it would be a MASSIVE self-esteem boost.

HOW YOU CAN HELP right now:

* Item sale:
Collage pendants, visual art
Beaded & crocheted jewelry

$5 for a 100-word simple voiceover, one clean take. I will add more complex listings to this later. I think I need to verify my account before I can put up things over $5.

Meanwhile if you want something more complex than this, we can negotiate it here or by email. In the $10-30 range, I can do snippets of incidental music on my Casio, and record surprise/prank messages for your friends. I can do both female and male vocal range through the magic of Audacity, so if you want it to sound like two voices, that's totally possible. Or if you ever wanted a customized voice-set for Baldur's Gate or another video game...

* Signal boost THIS post, where continuing updates will be posted. I may also post some used items for sale.

I'm trying to get out of the red in terms of self-image as well as financially. This means... the work, itself, is as important on some level as the money. I don't want people to give me money for nothing, right now, if I can avoid it. I'm trying to restore a sense of flow in my life, and part of that is being productive and helpful.

Pretty soon I'm going to be posting up "gig offers" where you can also commission services from me; watch this space. Meanwhile, if anyone has any bright ideas, I'm taking suggestions. If you wanted to just send me money, I have lots of skills at a "high-quality amateur" level and I would be happy to make or do something just for you, perform a publicity stunt for your project, et cetera.
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Date:November 5th, 2012 04:50 am (UTC)
Are you still blending oils?

The Music of the Synapses

this tightrope made of sound