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The Music of the Synapses

this tightrope made of sound

January 9th, 2013

can you get high on cardamom, is that a thing @ 02:26 pm

mindtrack: high on cardamom

PEOPLE, you guys, sometimes they are just AWESOME.

Like when the quiet girl with the headscarf brings in a carafe of what she rather vaguely calls Arabic coffee and cups for sharing
and it's almost more fresh cardamom than coffee and there are these flowery notes too that you can't identify and it's like the best thing ever
and you go "wow this is amazing do you know if any restaurants around town serve coffee like this"
and she goes "no it's my family recipe, here, have some more, I'm going to bring it to class every Wednesday"

and she looks familiar, so you tell her about your autism spectrum disorder and prosopagnosia, because you try to be upfront about that especially when talking with people of color so that they won't have to feel like it's a race thing when you get confused (ah, intersectionality problems)

and she tells you it's okay and she loves the fact that you're a walking dictionary and you both get to talking about how everyone has different brains and it's okay

and it turns out that you were in a class together a couple years ago
the one where you were the designated loud heckler, and everyone either loved or hated it and still remembers you (she loved it)

and you find out that you're the same age and having the same career trajectory doubts and questions even though all the life reasons for why it's a problem are different ones
and it just helps so much right now.


January 3rd, 2013

Wires and Stars: Initiation (Homestuck fanfic; rated M) @ 09:25 pm

mindtrack: excited excited

A longfic begun, a crosspost made...

Wires and Stars: Initiation, by amberite & titianArchivist.

First chapter of the Sollux/Psiioniic fic I've been babbling about. (Additionally Sollux/Aradia pale - which is the most major pairing in this chapter, and there will be some Sollux/Karkat, and more pairings added as they appear.)

The first time, you just dream of strange stars. Stars rise at the top of your vision and arc lazily down to the bottom, constellation after constellation, galaxy after galaxy, and you wake with an effortless sense of great distance and deep calm that stays with you half the night.

Perigees pass before you’re willing to question it, to investigate what the hell that was all about, and by that time, things have gotten
entirely out of hand.

You’re well aware that you’re half crazy. Maybe it’s just your mutant thinkpan acting up. The alternative... you don’t want to think about the alternative.

Warnings at AO3. So far, they are the usual warnings for all things Helmsman-fic.

January 2nd, 2013

Oh yeah I made a poll @ 06:46 pm

mindtrack: cheerful cheerful
soundtrack: xauric - alphamatic replacement

Head on over and answer, please, if you read Homestuck fanfic and not if you don't? - it's a fandom-specific poll because reasons: the slightly different 'mannerisms' of fanfic in this fandom are the reason why I'm taking this poll at all. My normal habit would be to NOT write out speech impediments all the time; Homestuck just has, I guess, unique sensibilities and conventions, and one of them is that lithping attholeth are thometimeth thtupidly hot. :P

December 28th, 2012

Leverage series finale @ 08:34 pm

Ok Internet. Is it me or is anyone else out there REALLY WANTING Nate/Sophie/Sterling OT3 fic? (In addition to the Hardison/Parker/Elliot OT3 that we already knew was practically canon, natch.)

Fandom, I demand that you make this happen!

December 26th, 2012

Wacom tablets? @ 05:07 pm

I've been dicking around with graphics art a little, for the first time in years, and coming to the conclusion that though my tablet-phone is quite nice it's just a bit too small of a working area.

Anyone got a recommendation for a good solid cheap input tablet for my desktop? (Or better yet, a discarded one lying around?)

December 25th, 2012

argh. @ 04:13 pm

Well, I *was* going to muck around town as Femme Darth Vader but I'm catching a cold, so started out late... and then found my wallet wasn't in my pocket.

Since I bought gas last night right before coming home, it can be in one of three places - house, car or somewhere random on the ground where I opened my car door. House and car are both complicated searches in progress. Somewhere random on the ground is essentially an unsolvable condition. Nobody seems to have charged anything on my debit card as of yet, so I'm guessing house or car. But... where the hell in said places? Did the cats drag it off? Meanwhile, this sucks and I shouldn't go driving around without my driver's license. :-(

In happier news, I have two awesome Yuletide gifts from anonymous benefactors - Her Brother's Keeper (Chronicles of Amber story focused on Fiona) and Autumn Sparring (Baldur's Gate story focused on Khalid and the Harpers.) Yay!

I'm also getting involved in a super intricate creative collaboration with a new friend in the Homestuck fandom. (If you're interested, I'll be posting more about it on DW and Tumblr, as I get the sense that Homestuck babblings will be more welcome in those areas, though if you're interested in my putting up posts here too, feel free to note it in comments. I'll definitely link to finished results here, in any case.)

December 22nd, 2012

Homestuck: Made a comm on Dreamwidth @ 06:34 am


Despite the name, it is not solely for fic. It is fic- and conversation-oriented and I am trying to especially invite people who want to get up to these shenanigans - the kind that are a lot more difficult on Tumblr, which is where most of the Homestuck fun seems to be taking place.

So yeah. Go over and check thii2 2hiit out if you like the Gemini trolls and want people to jam with for fan-creativity.

December 21st, 2012

Shit I write in notes to myself. @ 11:26 pm

mindtrack: contemplative contemplative

So I use my Gmail drafts folder as an all-purpose notebook, because it's easy to copy/paste from it and I get tired of saving things on the wrong machine or losing writing in a computer crash.

And then I wind up with strange, strange abandoned ideas in there sometimes. The bums-with-dreadlocks of my writing drawer. Like the following:

"name a badly behaved cat "Jesus" so that people can say "Oh, Jesus!" when the cat poops in their shoes."

That is all.
Carry on with your business.

December 20th, 2012

December 14th, 2012

On my Tumblr... Condesce/Helmsman Fanmix @ 04:02 am

mindtrack: tired tired

Songs That Twist Together In The Dark

(my tumblr post has more information about it)

The art (which inspired the mix) is sort of spoilery for Homestuck, but specifically for back-canon. Also disturbing. Not NSFW, but behind a cut anyway.
Read more...Collapse )

The playlist on Grooveshark


The Music of the Synapses

this tightrope made of sound