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The Music of the Synapses

this tightrope made of sound

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That Which Fights Entropy
Under renovation, mostly at Dreamwidth now.
acnw, adrpg, alice in wonderland, altered states of consciousness, amber, amber chronicles, amber drpg, ambercon northwest, androgyny, barbara hambly, bell hooks, bright and shiny objects, californian identity, chaos, chaos butterfly, chaos magick, chaos_i_remain_as_ever_thy_faithful_degenerate_son, chapel perilous, coffee, compassion, constructive elitism, creating the impossible, cthulhu, de profundis, delirium, department of redundancy department, destroying the veil, diana wynne jones, diane duane, discordia, divine madness, doctor who, drag, eccentricity, editing, entheogens, epilepsy, eris, evolutionary anarchism, fae, faerie, fairies, fateworking, feri, feri tradition, fey, fnord, freedom of speech, genderqueer, gentlemanly arts, girl genius, glamourbombs, goth, h. p. lovecraft, happy rhodes, harlan ellison, hastur, healing, honesty, illuminatus! trilogy, immortality, infornography, intuition, invisibles, james patrick kelly, kate bush, king in yellow, labyrinth, laughing at ourselves, left-handed engineers from marz, leni riefenstahl, liminal spaces, live action roleplaying, living the dream, loki, lovecraft, mad science, madness, magick, making jewelry, malkavian, maxwell's demon, memetics, neil gaiman, neurochemistry, neurology, non-linear time, nondualism, nyarlathotep, occult, oingo boingo, otherkin, otherworlds, p.c. hodgell, paganism, pantheism, paralepsis, perkygoth, poetic terrorism, polyamory, portland, pronoia, psi corps, queer liberation, reality duels, recursive drunkenness, reiki, richard feynman, robert anton wilson, robert w. chambers, robin mckinley, roger zelazny, roleplaying, rosemary kirstein, rpg writing, sandman, sappy romantic transhumanist thoughts, schizophrenia, science fiction & fantasy, semantics, solidarity_against_internet_witch_hunts, steampunk, sustainability, synchronicity, tacoma, tam lin, telling_truths_that_sound_like_wild_confabulations, temporal lobe seizures, tentacles, the eye of argon, the french revolutionary calendar, the king in yellow, the ninth doctor, the pacific ocean, the phoenix requiem, the stone tape, transformation, transgender, transhumanism, truth, unknown armies, vegetarianism, vulnerability, william s. burroughs, willworking, wings, witchcraft, wonderland, writing kickass novels

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