The Music of the Synapses

this tightrope made of sound

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That Which Fights Entropy
      "Are you human?" he asked, still gripping my hand, no special expression on his face.
      I started in on a grin, then threw it away.
      "I don't know. I -- I like to think so. But I don't really -- Of course I am! That's a silly . . . Oh hell! You really mean it, don't you? And I said I'd be honest. . . ." I chewed my lip and thought for a moment. Then, "I don't think so," I said.
      "Neither do I," he said, and he smiled. "It doesn't make any real difference to me, but I thought it might to you -- to know that someone knows you are different and doesn't care."
            --Roger Zelazny, Sign of the Unicorn

"I might be catching so don't touch / you'll start believing you're immune to gravity and stuff" -- the Dresden Dolls

I'm a paradoxical creature of magick and science. I believe that believing is an act in its own right, and that the knowledge of the mind and the knowledge of the spirit do not, necessarily, need to be consistent with each other to be each a thing of great beauty and worth. (Though when they are, it's thrilling.)

I'm a writer of mostly SF and fantasy, and some poetry, though my output has gone down in the last couple of years due to a change in focus (see below.) I do write original fiction, which is mostly not online. I also write fan fiction, which is here.

I have a small online perfume shop here, and also make jewelry.

Map everything. Seek knowledge where it's available. Find meaning where you need it. Remember what you're living for.

General timeline of my life, f'locked.
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